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Hi there,

I'm Kristel or K-tel in short. I'm a twenty-one-year-old human being from the Philippines.

I'm in love with my own freedom thus my blog title "Her Wildness" being free in the Wilds which is the World that I'm currently living in, I crave growth and change, I try to live my life surrounded by simplicity and creativity. I'm a struggling writer, content creator wanna-be, my internet friends can describe me as a ball of sunshine who's energy radiates to everyone that surrounds me.

I also take photos of anything ordinary, I listen to Korean music, and I love to read. Just some basic facts about myself.

and yeah, I'm a little bit random. Blep


Her Wildness is a personal blog that was created the year 2014, it originated in Tumblr, however, moved to blogger this 2018 for a more professional feel of blogging *eyebrows wiggling*.

I created this blog mainly because I was inspired by a lot of amazingly creative people that contributed to who I am now. It's my own space on the internet where I can share some parts of my life at the same time it serves as a purpose of self-discovery, as I discover more things about myself.

For more updates or whatever you can follow me on Bloglovin, Instagram or Twitter!

You can shoot me an e-mail at kabelgera@gmail.com.

Have a nice day! 

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