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Wow, hello there old friend. It's been a while! I haven't really been posting anything here. Life has been up and down for the month of April. Though, it's just another typical month. I wake up in the morning, go to work, then go home, repeat. I'm getting tired of everything and this redundant routine, oh...that rhymes.

For the Month of April, I challenged myself to write down my thoughts, basically anything that I would think of, just type it down, every day. I used this App called Daily Note. I've been using this since June of last year. It's a very amazing app, the interface is plain and simple so highly recommended! (this is not paid!!! I just want to share this amazing app because it's really been helping me, keeping me sane for the past months. hehe)

moving on, here's a recap of my month;

  1. A college friend of mine is moving to Australia, she'll be studying and working there for 2 years, so before her departure, we gathered at her house for her Despidida and her advance birthday celebration. It was a short gathering but it was fun to be with my favorite people. 
  2. I tried vlogging a chance again, tho I can't really say that I'm vlogging, More like taking non-talking videos, compiling them and posting them on Youtube. Yes, I posted it already on youtube, so if you have time you can check it out? Hehe. 
  3. I binged watched on a lot of TV shows and Korean dramas this month. It's like I watch a new show every single day. This is what it feels like when you have Netflix. 
  4. I managed to finish reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I've been seeing a lot of reviews about it from the people on the internet and even my internet friends. I decided to give it a try and it didn't disappoint me. I had to stop reading halfway because I started reflecting and had a small existential crisis. 
  5. I had my period! It's weird that I'm happy that I was having my period. For someone who has an irregular cycle, last year my period arrives every 2 months, it was frustrating and it's scaring me a bit. Lately, it has been consistent so I'm very much happy about it. 
  6. I bought a new tint and cleansing wipes from The Faceshop, Lately, I've been pretty much abusing my blk lip & cheek tint, and when I ran out of it, I wanted to try another one. So far, the tint from The Faceshop is okay, it's really watery living up to its name 'watery tint' It dries up pretty fast too. 
  7. I finally bought myself a copy of Always be Creating by Abbey Sy! Ever since Abbey launched it, I've been eyeing it, I check the bookstore every now and then, and luckily when I went to the NBS they have copies! I didn't even hesitate on buying it. 
  8. I've been consistent with my skincare routine, I still use my good ol' skincare products, The Celeteque hydration line for toner and facial wash, A Japanese brand facial wash for my pimples, Aloe vera moisturizer and Eye cream in the morning, Sunflower oil at night, and oh yeah, I'm finally using sunblock! My skin looked smooth and well it's still not crystal clear, but I'm just happy with its current state. 
  9. I found myself on Rowena Tsai's channel again. There's something about her videos that gives off a calming effect. She's like my big sister! I also have another fave that I've been seeing quite a lot from my internet friends, dun dun dun bestdressed! I've been seeing her videos everywhere, on a random day I binged watched her videos and now I love her! 
  10. Watched Endgame. I'm absolutely devastated. I had a spontaneous movie date with my cousin, we decided to watch the new Marvel movie. I was kinda worried that It'll be difficult for me to understand the movie without English subtitles, still, I managed. I just need to focus my everything to the movie. oh yeah, about the movie... The best 3 hours of my life, I didn't even care anymore I got leg cramps because of sitting. 

To end this post, here's a photo that would really explain what I felt about the endgame. This is literally my reaction to every scene all throughout the movie. Not gonna lie but ya girl cried. 

How was your month of April? 

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