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What I've been watching

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Ever since I subscribed to Netflix, I started watching shows here and there. It's overwhelming at first, I lost count how many times I've watched Avatar: The Legend of Aang, and I still couldn't get over that legendary fight scene with the Firelord, it's been 14 years! Can you believe that?

So anyways, here's my watch list lately:


A friend suggested Sabrina to me and I was hesitating at first whether to watch this or not,
I eventually watched it. 

There were some parts that got me holding on my chest cos I get too damn scared easily. What's with their background music and watching this at midnight ain't a good idea it is giving me the heebie-jeebies. 

In some episodes, Sabrina, damn that girl, she's always is getting on my nerves! Though I get her with all those breaking the rules and being curious, cos honestly, I would be too. Some things I adore about her is that she's brave, she's ready to sacrifice anything for her friends and family, and the one she loves. She takes responsibility for her mistakes--and she's smart. I really did enjoy watching this series, with all those magic spells going on. The only thing I don't like is waiting for the next season. /sobs/


I'm always on the go for anything post-apocalyptic shows, when I saw this one on my recommendations, I got hooked and curious with the summary. I gave it a try, I like it at first but then over the course of the show it became more political than Sci-fi, the only Sci-fi part is this huge asteroid that's about to hit the earth

and wiped out the entire civilization which I was looking forward to--until I've read a news that they fucking canceled the show.

Well, I can't blame them. The show lost its color, if only they stick to the plot it could've been a good show. I don't like the romance in it kinda ruin the vibes, even though the show went downhill for some reasons I couldn't stop watching it! 


I finally watched this show! I've been putting it off for a long time, always see it everywhere online and now here I am, devoting the majority of my time watching grey's anatomy. Who would've thought? 

One thing that was stopping me from watching this show is that It has 15 seasons, 15 SEASONS! so do I have enough patience to start watching from season one? Well, I guess I did. Aside from post-apocalyptic and natural disasters movie, I love watching medical dramas and no doubt that I fell in love with the show after episode one of season one. I cried I laughed, I started to question my life choices and have existential crisis together with my favorite interns. 

Currently, I'm down to the last episode of season four, I know there's more twist to come, and death--there are just too many deaths. 


One of the best thriller series I've watched this year, It sparked my curiosity as to why the infected only attacks at night and hides when the sun rises, and its set in Joseon Period, Zombie and Historical Drama? Sounds an amazing movie to me. 

Every episode is nerve-wracking and will make you sit on the edge. It was frustrating when I found out that it only has six episodes. Can they hurry up with season two, I can't wait any longer but hey South Korea really makes the best zombie movies and you can't change my mind. 


This is not on Netflix but I've been on a lookout for good Korean dramas since I haven't been watching some lately. after I stopped watching my ID is Gangnam beauty for a reason that I lost interest with it. 

I finally gave this drama a try and boy, I'm hooked! Episode one was really great, it's enough to make you want to watch more! It's very cool that only selected people to get to live in the sky castle neighborhood. 

The characters were all written well, and the story is interesting so far because it shows the reality of the Korean educational system--well not only in South Korea, almost everywhere has this kind system, where parents make their children study and study, they want their children to have this particular job because most family members have that job that's like the only way for you to be really part of the family, they only care for their achievements and neglecting their child's mental health, which really sucks. 

This drama actually is really popular in South Korea, every episode's rating was off the roof, No wonder. 


What have you been watching lately? 

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