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Its already getting into me, I can feel how tiring having only one day off from work. I told myself to get things done during my day off to make the most out of it you know I don't want to waste the day doing useless stuff---

--that's what she said. In the end, I would be like 20-35% productive or it doesn't happen at all. 

Well, at least I tried to be however most of the time I would just be like whatever I'll spend my time on Twitter and Pinterest. If I don't want to stay inside the house, I would go to church, hear mass and go to the mall to buy milk tea. 

--- Currently

  • Listening to Taeyeon's song compilation on YouTube. It's a nice day to be blessed with taeyeon's beautiful voice. Also, I don't know if it's confirmed but there's a news circulating on stan twitter that she's going to have a solo concert here in the Philippines this December, and PH SONES are shaking. 

  • Eating dark chocolates, It's been a while since the last time I ate chocolates. I only eat chocolates occasionally, I try to avoid sugary food as much as possible. We're getting old so it's better to be aware of the food that we are putting inside our body. 
  • Scrolling through my twitter timeline. I haven't been active on my personal twitter since most of the time I spend all my energy on my fan account Twitter. It's been so long since I've felt this much hype over a K-pop group and in K-pop in general, I miss fangirling so much, and gaining friends who share the same interest as you. 
  • Loving my new haircut, I got my hair trimmed just a bit closer to my collarbone, my hair was getting longer and It starting to annoy me, I don't want to waste that much shampoo and it takes too long to dry! I have a thick hair--I'm like 70% human and 30% hair. 
  • Needing to try Serenitea's milk tea again, I went there yesterday with my friends and I bought the emperor milk tea and I was surprised that I ended up loving it, my friends hated it though maybe because you can clearly taste the tea since It has 75% less sugar. 
  • Concerned about my acne. The past months have been tragic for my skin. I'm still on the lookout for a possible cure for my acne, but if it is hormonal then I blame my late period, and yeah speaking of my period, it hasn't arrived for almost three months already and I'm freaking internally. 
  • Excited for my NCT albums to arrive. The shop shipped out the We Go Up album by NCT Dream and I'll probably gonna receive it this week, while my other NCT 127 regular-irregular album is going to arrive next month, I think. 
  • Thinking of buying an NCT Lightstick as a gift for myself or buy an airline ticket to somewhere where I could spend my birthday---90% chance I'll choose the lightstick. 
  • Waiting for my best friend Pat, she told me she'll drop by at my house today so its time for me to fix myself since I haven't showered yet--don't judge me it's just that I got too lazy today. Lmao

Haven't shared something personal for a long time and it feels good that I was able to share a bit of my life again. Thank you for reading up to this point. I really appreciate it.

Have a nice day! :")

PS: Photo is from Kaboompics.

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  1. TAEYEON. Now that it's autumn, her voice just graces me <33333333 Love that compilation, too! Good luck finding something for your acne, bub :-( Don't let it pull you down too much!

    Hannah / Words & Latte