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just some chill playlists

I'll be sharing a few of my favorite playlists that I usually listen to when I'm relaxing, getting some work done or before I go to sleep. Plus I'm stoked to introduce y'all to the underrated side of the Korean music industry aside from Idol groups that majority of the people know.

This will be in a random order, just because I love them all fairly.

1. Lull me to sleep // I found out about this playlist just recently when I was looking for a playlist that'll make me sleepy. Recently I've been listening to this playlist if I'm going to sleep earlier than I used to. I'm trying to sleep more early these days because of my minor surgery on my eye thus I can't stand staying up late anymore.

2. 4:00 AM // I've been listening to this playlist ever since I found out about it last year. Listen to this playlist if you feel like writing down on your journal, brainstorming some ideas or just laying down on your bed staring at the ceiling and letting the music consume you.

3. urban8 // This playlist is composed of just some of the best songs (IMO) from underrated hip-hop/Korean R&B artists. The songs are soothing, relaxing and it makes me calm when I'm cramming for a lot of things.

4.Cozy Mornings // If you want to listen to good and calm songs in the morning to brighten up your day, I recommend this playlist. It's pretty chill and cozy. It has a mix of indie, r&b and Korean hip-hop songs from different amazing artists.

I hope the playlist will make you feel calm, relaxed and motivated (because It did motivate me to do the things I love doing) Happy Listening!

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