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Lunch at Nonna's

We weren't able to push through our plan to roam around and stay for a night at Tagaytay due to bad weather. It was raining all day and the view kinda sucked. You can't clearly see Taal lake due to the fog that completely covered the view. I admit it made me a bit sad that our plans got canceled. It's for our own safety anyway, not gonna risk it. Instead of going to Tagaytay the oldies decided to go back home. I was kinda hoping that we could drop by at Nuvali to eat lunch.

Knowing myself, I always enjoyed trying out new food. We ate at this Pasta & Pizzeria place called Nonna's. It's a new place, I guess. Since the employee told us that its the only branch in the Philippines.

So, the fam ordered a deep-fried mushroom which is a bit odd because it tastes like chicharron, I enjoyed it anyway. Then my aunt ordered pasta for me---a whole plate of pasta! I wasn't able to finish it though. I was not in the mood to eat some Italian food, still, do I even have a choice?

The place is your typical Pasta & Pizzeria restaurant. It's like they all have this Italian aura around the place. I absolutely love the ambiance and the personnel was accommodating and friendly. If only they have one here in Iloilo, I would love to bring my family and friends over.

I'll be coming back for the fried mushroom!!!

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