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Its already getting into me, I can feel how tiring having only one day off from work. I told myself to get things done during my day off to make the most out of it you know I don't want to waste the day doing useless stuff---

--that's what she said. In the end, I would be like 20-35% productive or it doesn't happen at all. 

Well, at least I tried to be however most of the time I would just be like whatever I'll spend my time on Twitter and Pinterest. If I don't want to stay inside the house, I would go to church, hear mass and go to the mall to buy milk tea. 

kimchi friend rice

My siblings and I made our very own version of kimchi fried rice aka let's dump everything edible that we can find in the kitchen. 

We don't usually make our own food unless mom is not at home and we're stuck with our dad we're a bunch of lazy people and our eyes always glued on the computer screen so if we don't cook our own food we gon starve to death. 

Anyways, so my cousin bought me a small jar of kimchi and instead of eating it as a side dish my younger brother suggested "you know what? Let's just make some kimchi fried rice."

and who am I to disagree? 

Our version is cheesier--my siblings and I love cheese so much so I just have to dump some cheese on it--and I also put luncheon meat to add flavor, one egg, two drops of ketchup. a pinch of salt and, viola, our very own version of kimchi fried rice. 

Thank God, it turned out great or we were just being biased because we were hungry. 

I hope the photos made you crave for kimchi fried rice. 

just some chill playlists

I'll be sharing a few of my favorite playlists that I usually listen to when I'm relaxing, getting some work done or before I go to sleep. Plus I'm stoked to introduce y'all to the underrated side of the Korean music industry aside from Idol groups that majority of the people know.

the things i do lately

I’ve been writing and doodling random shit on my new notebook–yes new because I bought a new one even tho I still have 3 to 4 unused notebooks piled up on my shelf. I haven’t drawn for a long time and I can feel my drawing skills getting rusty. Along with that, I also haven't written anything down in my journals (yes with an 's').

oh, sweet mother of--

I love eating desserts.

And, I hate it at the same time.

I used to be in love with desserts, however, when I grew up I realized that carbs were the bomb dot com. Anyways, would you look at that beautiful black sambo, I’m not gonna lie I devoured it the moment it landed on my table (well of course, I just had to take a photo of it mid halfway before eating all of it.), I was with my friends and we were re-activating our sweet tooth on a sunny day at Calea’s cake shop in Bacolod, after roaming around the City.

Let me just say this, we went to Bacolod without any itinerary, like one boring day we decided to go to Bacolod, just because. Also, It was my first time visiting the place. It was packed with customers and different types of cake and desserts, It was overwhelming, I couldn’t even choose what I want to eat.

Lunch at Nonna's

We weren't able to push through our plan to roam around and stay for a night at Tagaytay due to a bad weather. It was raining all day and the view kinda sucked. You can't clearly see Taal lake due to the fog that completely covered the view. I admit it made me a bit sad that our plans got canceled. It's for our own safety anyway, not gonna risk it. Instead of going to Tagaytay the oldies decided to go back home. I was kinda hoping that we could drop by at Nuvali to eat lunch.