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What I've been watching

Photo by freestocks.org from Pexels

Ever since I subscribed to Netflix, I started watching shows here and there. It's overwhelming at first, I lost count how many times I've watched Avatar: The Legend of Aang, and I still couldn't get over that legendary fight scene with the Firelord, it's been 14 years! Can you believe that?

So anyways, here's my watch list lately:


Its already getting into me, I can feel how tiring having only one day off from work. I told myself to get things done during my day off to make the most out of it you know I don't want to waste the day doing useless stuff---

--that's what she said. In the end, I would be like 20-35% productive or it doesn't happen at all. 

Well, at least I tried to be however most of the time I would just be like whatever I'll spend my time on Twitter and Pinterest. If I don't want to stay inside the house, I would go to church, hear mass and go to the mall to buy milk tea.